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Xenoverse To Xenoverse 2 – ReShade Preset | Revion Srg

NEW VERSION IN PROGRESS This preset will mimic the graphics of Xenoverse 2. It increases the saturation of the colours, adds a light bloom and increases the contrast slightly. Keep in mind it can’t bee 100% accurate, since Xenoverse 2 has lighting rays, some sort of model glow and much more. V1: Normal Version V2: Cinematic […]

H-XenoVerse Enhanced (Reshade Preset)

Hello, This is my personal Reshade for Heirtalents H-Graphics, I tried to make a preset that feels more akin to older dragon ball games & anime before super with a more realistic take on tones. Fixes the overly glossy skin on characters. I have Sharpened image using Lumasharpen, made surfaces a bit more glossy, SMAA […]

Simply Better Looking [Reshade/SweetFX Preset]

Simply Better Looking Hello, This is my attempt to fix some of the graphical problems in this game with Reshade (For the Full Version) or SweetFX (For the Lite Version). Well keeping to the original style of the game, Works Great with all color/shade mods because of this. There are 2 Options, Full (Reshade) and […]

Goku Súper Saiyan Background

Background Goku SSJ By Zhilver

H-Xenoverse (SweetFX Preset)

Hello This is my SweetFX Preset i have been working on to go with HeirTalent’s Coloring/Shading. BY TH WAY HeirTalent has Released this H-Graphics Mod For Free SOOO GO GET IT!!!!HERE(https://gumroad.com/heirtalent#) There are 2 Options, more may come. Mostly Sharpened image, made surfaces a bit more glossy, SMAA to help with AA, as well as […]

Plot’s “Reshade” config (DBXV Graphics mod)

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People have requested i share my Reshade Config, So i decided to make a topic for it. =] For those who aren’t familiar, Reshade is a graphical hook that adds post processing effects to your game, which can ultimately enhance your graphics. Be warned however, if you dont have the graphical power to run certain effects, you’ll lose alot of fps. I run 45-60 FPS (with full config @ 1080p + ultra settings in game) with an AMD FX 6300, 4gb system ram, and an AMD R9 280 GFX card (equivalent Nvidia GPU: GTX 960). So these specs and above are what i personally recommend for running the full version of this config. I’ll include a performance version for those who want the look, but can stand to have some effects off. I say try it out and if your comfortable with the FPS then stick with it. I recommend Turning off motion blur And ingame depth of field to get the best effect possible. DOF version WILL affect your UI and almost if not all 2d elements on the screen, I recommend only using it for screenshots.

I hope everyone can smoothly install the config and i hope that you enjoy the look of it also. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Please don’t PM me if you get low fps with this config on, I have listed what i recommend you to have when playing. To further reiterate on what i recommend for the GPU’s Im sure that an R9 265/ GTX 750ti and above should be able to run atleast the performance version with decent fps. Enjoy the config everyone =]

P.S AO = Ambient occlusion, DOF = Depth of Field.

<<< The config >>>

>Full Version AO+DOF

>Full Version AO Only 

>Perf. Version

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>Full Version AO+DOF

>Full Version AO Only

>Perf. Version