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Tryzick’s Legendary Flash – Ultimate Skill

This mod replaces final flash and there is a current bug, nothing serious but at some points for a split second some textures on the blast disappear, i’m not sure how to fix it at this moment but when I do i’ll update it, other than that the mod works great for fights. I do […]

Vegeta New God form

This is my second mod. Vegeta super saiyan Green!!   Just like gogeta he is green 😀   Goku green god will come out this week…   Youtube video gonna come out this week with goku.   Be sure to watch Gogeta green god http://xenoversemods.com/mods/gogeta-new-god-form-updated/

Gogeta New god form. UPDATED!!

This is  very first mod by me. What happens if you mix blue and yellow ? You get Green so i did that 😀 it looks funny 🙂 goku and vegeta mods are not mine..  if you cant download from you can always go to my video links in desc,           […]