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Black line removal on all Saiyan/Human outfits, faces and default hair

Hey boys, I made this a little while ago and then I saw my dude B1ACK WOLF upload the line removal for the face so I decided to help him out a little and upload this for all outfits (for the male saiyan and male humans)

Facial Black Line Removal

Two words that would completely ruin the look of your CaC, black lines. You know ’em, you hate ’em. Allow me to alleviate your head partially with this very simple mod that removes the black lines from the face completely. I may make a mod that also covers all the costumes in game. But we’ll […]

MKX Scorpion Clothes CAC (Human/Saiyan Males Only)

Hey Everyone! Another Mod for the CAC.  I made Scorpion outfit to work over the Custom Character Outfits.  Its the same one I released over Nova Shenron but you can Recolor it. For the Clothing, it replaces Ox Kings Clothing but the Hat Replaces Android 19 Hat. Enjoy!!

No Nipples for Male Human and Saiyan CAC

I’ve always seen men in various anime and I noticed they don’t have nipples. Dragon Ball is the only anime I can think of that has nipples, but now that I think about it, wouldn’t a man that didn’t have nipples make him more manly? Cause that would mean he was never a female in the […]

‘Simplistic Retextures’ for Male Human & Saiyan CAC

~ More retextures may come in future versions!! ~ Please note that the colors of the clothing will not change! I’m using a color mod that allows me to color any form of clothing. The color mod is not required for this mod, but it is compatible! A link to the mod: Colorable Clothing (Male CAC only!) […]

Time Breaker Venom For FRI and HUM

This is a costume made to look like venom/symbiote ooze got on Mira,therefore creating this time Breaker Venom concept.If you want me to do more concepts like this just tell me a specific armor and I will Venomify it.I will soon release a version for Namekian race since I feel they are underated and they […]

Plot’s Hair Pack For HUF / SYF ( Replaces all hairs!)

READ! Hey everyone! Its me again :b and I’m returning with some goodies 🙂 This time I’m releasing my personal hair replacer mod, which replaces ALL hairs for both Human and Saiyan Females. Ofcourse All hairs are colourable, and compatible with all transformations (which i have tested myself) All hairs have been properly weighted and […]

Vegito Movement/Fighting Style!!! [[6k]] Modz

YouTube PREVIEW *Requested//Perfection!? Maybe.. Check it out… This mod includes Fighting Style, Movement/Flying Style, Menu Stance, & Different Cameos

Bloody Rose Battle Armor For Female Saiyan & Human

Just a quick mod I made that adds new battle armor for Saiyan and Human Female CaC’s. It replaces the frieza saga vegeta battle armor. Hope you guys enjoy.


This is my first ever mod. I hope you enjoy playing with this. If you have errors or problems please inform me. I know the Uploader name and the Modder names are different, that is because I recently changed my youtube name to FreshAsim. So I use FreshAsim now.