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Back with a fresh coat of paint… God Goku SUMMER REBIRTH PACK

IF YOU DOWNLOADED PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF THIS PACK, PLEASE REDOWNLOAD IT ASAP FOR A BETTER LOOKIN MOD     I’m back from my hella long hiatus. boy… It has been a while hasn’t it? And what better way to come back then remaking my mods! I re-did both of my ssjg texture hacks, which is […]

Goku Kaioken x40 TRANSFORMS into FALSE SSJ

What if Goku was able to use Kaioken at a 40 multiplier? He would almost be as strong as a Super Saiyan, so I edited the ssj1 hair here. I had this idea that Everyone that was on namek would be revived much sooner, and frieza being killed by vegeta after his revival. Vegeta achieves […]


Here is the revamp of SSJ5 Goku! With ssj5, I want the hair to be a mix of SSJ1 through 4, in that the length is kinda like ssj3 and ssj4, and the spikey base hair of ssj1 and ssj2. I think I did a good job with that! :3 So… yeah…. Enjoy!