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kakarot (universe 13) over Jaco

Yes im back to making xenoverse mods this was just an easy mod for me to get back in to things. Replaces Jaco

Karoly CaC Transforming Hairstyle

A rendering error made the video freeze for about 15 seconds right after the intro… i’m too tired to fix it so… skip to 14 seconds after that for the video 😀 This mod contains a hairstyle in both normal graphics and H-Graphic form, do not try any of my other textures on this hairstyle […]


Here is the revamp of SSJ5 Goku! With ssj5, I want the hair to be a mix of SSJ1 through 4, in that the length is kinda like ssj3 and ssj4, and the spikey base hair of ssj1 and ssj2. I think I did a good job with that! :3 So… yeah…. Enjoy!