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Kid Trunks with tail v2

its kid trunks with tail credits> modder MATLIKEPLAY for gohan ambasalon pants.

Kid Trunks With Tail

Kid trunks with tail  

Kid Buu CaC V3 H-Graphics

Hey folks! an update for my newest version of Kid Buu CaC! this mod will give H-graphics to the outfit that comes with the buu mod aswell as his skin being h-graphics so enjoy!.

Kid Trunks SSJ1-3 Transformation

At last! Super Saiyan 3 Goten finally has a worthy competitor:


This is my first transformation mod, so let me know what you guys think. Huge credit to Val E Ryon for his super helpful BCS editing tutorial and additional pieces of advice, assistance with model errors, and continued patience with the mountain of questions I piled on him. Thanks a lot man!

Note: This mod replaces Kid Trunks’ second costume with his first costume so both slots have his green gi and orange belt (I think it looks way cooler than his shorts and jacket). Also, SSJ works on both slots, but SSJ3 only works on the second slot.

Change the skill, enjoy, and leave some feedback 😀