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LSSJ4 GOKU (Taking requests)

Lssj4 Goku is the idea that if Goku (SSJ4) took the power of Broly and went into a new form called Legendary Super Sayin 4! This has a custom moveset and aura. It is my first mod and I will take requests.

Tryzick’s Legendary Flash – Ultimate Skill

This mod replaces final flash and there is a current bug, nothing serious but at some points for a split second some textures on the blast disappear, i’m not sure how to fix it at this moment but when I do i’ll update it, other than that the mod works great for fights. I do […]

Super Saiyan God Vegeta

Recommended Aura: Super Saiyan God Aura (duh xD)
Super Attacks: Big Bang Attack, Final Blow, God Breaker, Maximum Charge
Ultimate Attacks: Final Flash and Super Galick Gun
Evasive Skill: Explosive Wave