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Here is the revamp of SSJ5 Goku! With ssj5, I want the hair to be a mix of SSJ1 through 4, in that the length is kinda like ssj3 and ssj4, and the spikey base hair of ssj1 and ssj2. I think I did a good job with that! :3 So… yeah…. Enjoy!


Remember that old pack with the ssj5s I made…. yea…… That’s obsolete now. No more tomato skinned ssj5s. This is the REAL look of Vegeta! I’ll be uploading Gogeta, Vegeta and Goku seperate. Maybe I’ll make Vegito…. ewe Alts might be comming soon… Enjoy! :3

“Ultima” Gogeta

Well, “Ultima” isn’t really the name of the form. In fact, there is none! I gave the form that name because it sounds cool. .3. lel, anyways, I’m back from Hiatus, and what a way to┬ábreak the silence with THIS! Not only does it transform, but it has its OWN skillset, AND has a base […]