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Tryzick’s Custom Long Hair Male CaC

Hey folks! we’re almost at 1000 subscribers! its a great milestone for this channel and thank you all for helping me get there! I had not planned to release this mod but with my latest personal mod it feels only right to share with the community what they have help motivated me to create! enjoy! […]

Round Neck Undersleeve Shirt Short Sleeves

Hey folks! a requested mod that I made, another undershirt mod, this time featuring the shirt that was under Krillin’s battle armor, it is fully colourable and comes in h-graphics as well as normal graphic form! It replaces Goku No symbol shirt but change the 503 to anything else to change what it replaces! Black […]

Tryzick Fusion Coat

Hey folks! bringing another clothing mod to you all! my undershirt once again but this time its under the fusion coat so enjoy looking like a fused bad ass! The outfit is fully colourable! Download – http://www.mediafire.com/download/hasfwwnv1wyh0pl/Tryzick_Fusion_Coat.zip I do not give permission for anyone to release or upload this mod anywhere. Music – Rising Force.

Long Sleeve Undershirt

Releasing another undershirt mod for you folks! it comes in both h-graphics and normal version so enjoy!

No Nipples for Male Human and Saiyan CAC

I’ve always seen men in various anime and I noticed they don’t have nipples. Dragon Ball is the only anime I can think of that has nipples, but now that I think about it, wouldn’t a man that didn’t have nipples make him more manly? Cause that would mean he was never a female in the […]

‘Simplistic Retextures’ for Male Human & Saiyan CAC

~ More retextures may come in future versions!! ~ Please note that the colors of the clothing will not change! I’m using a color mod that allows me to color any form of clothing. The color mod is not required for this mod, but it is compatible! A link to the mod: Colorable Clothing (Male CAC only!) […]


This is a Male edit of Biotear’s mod, the edit now allows you to use Biotear’s gun mod on a male CAC, if you would like to have the Female version please goto: Female Mac-10 Mod Link to Biotear’s page: http://xenoversemods.com/uploader/biotear/ ~ All credit goes to Biotear for putting the mod together and CS:GO for the model itself!! ~ This […]

CaC Male Undershirt

This is a clothing item I made a while back and thought i’d finally upload here.

Afro CaC Hair Pack

Hey folks! Yet another request being answered for my lovely subscribers! this fun little hairstyle turned out to be more fun that expected and comes with its own custom SSJ style! enjoy! Comes in H-Graphics SSB & SSJ and normal graphics SSJ & SSB

Multi-colour Aura

I’ve figured out how to have more than one colour in you’re aura, by using aura editor I’ve fiddled around and given the slot used for characters with no aura….I then put an aura into it for all races feel free to edit your character to use the aura number 12, its hex ID is […]