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SSJ420 Gogeta!

Just my 3rd mod

Vegito Movement/Fighting Style!!! [[6k]] Modz

YouTube PREVIEW *Requested//Perfection!? Maybe.. Check it out… This mod includes Fighting Style, Movement/Flying Style, Menu Stance, & Different Cameos

Goku Fusion Costume

Hello this is my first mod. I just thought¬† put the fusion costume to Goku. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to Weard for original costume. Video : https://youtu.be/4dD5nM7dhn4  

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Pack 1

Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 Pack 1 Is a  Full Mod Made By me.This Mod Includes Many Characters

Made By Me.

This Mod Includes.

New Characters

1.Great MiraMan(Fusion of Mira and Great Saiyaman)

2.Kakarot(Dragon ball Multiverse)Super Saiyan Transformation)

3.Bardock(SSG TO SSGSS)with Custom Aura

4.Goku The Legendary Saiyan


6.Revival Of F Gohan

7.Future Gohan

8.Broly SSGSS

Download The Mod Now!


this mod replaces Oouzarou Nappa

if you want to make it playable replace the following files to get Hirudegarn over Burter