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Dragon Ball RISING OST Music Mod

Hey D-Ball fans I created yet another music mod, this time I inspired from one of my all-time favourite gaming franchise MGS! This mod mainly contains soundtracks from Metal Gear Rising cause they simply rock for battle music,┬ábut there are some classic MGS OSTs as well, watch the video to find out more and I […]

One Punch Man OST Music MOD

Hey Dragon Ballers, this is Kiramaru again! And this is the first DBXV mod made entirely by me and it changes the game’s soundtracks with One Punch Man OSTs. If you found it cool post a comment below to let me know your thoughts. Also I’m open to any suggestions for another Music MOD. Hope […]

Original Japanese OST Music MOD

Hello everyone, this is a Music MOD that replaces the lame Xenoverse music with the Original japanese Dragon Ball Shunsuke Kikuchi’s OSTs. I need to say that it’s not my work but this great mod belongs to modder Kozi so please give credit to him. I just re-uploaded it in a simpler way, so the […]