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Black line removal on all Saiyan/Human outfits, faces and default hair

Hey boys, I made this a little while ago and then I saw my dude B1ACK WOLF upload the line removal for the face so I decided to help him out a little and upload this for all outfits (for the male saiyan and male humans)

Black Outfit for CaC male

Just wanna try my Blackvegito costume for my CaC and i want to share to you guys 😀 *contains Style1 and 2 also. – – *MY BLACK VEGITO MOD* Black Vegito transforming to SSR (REUPLOADED)

Ascended Saiyan Transforming CAC Armour

Hey folks! its been a long wait but finally! the ascended saiyan transformation is here! well I guess in my videos case I made it ASCENDED ROSE but… yeah you get the idea! This will replace the Pilot Suit. After re-modelling the super form myself over an annoying long process… I was able to make […]

Round Neck Undersleeve Shirt Short Sleeves

Hey folks! a requested mod that I made, another undershirt mod, this time featuring the shirt that was under Krillin’s battle armor, it is fully colourable and comes in h-graphics as well as normal graphic form! It replaces Goku No symbol shirt but change the 503 to anything else to change what it replaces! Black […]

Tryzick Fusion Coat

Hey folks! bringing another clothing mod to you all! my undershirt once again but this time its under the fusion coat so enjoy looking like a fused bad ass! The outfit is fully colourable! Download – http://www.mediafire.com/download/hasfwwnv1wyh0pl/Tryzick_Fusion_Coat.zip I do not give permission for anyone to release or upload this mod anywhere. Music – Rising Force.

Long Sleeve Undershirt

Releasing another undershirt mod for you folks! it comes in both h-graphics and normal version so enjoy!

Adult Gotenx Outfit (H-Graphics)

Gotenx Adult Outfit With High Graphics Replaces UNIFORM

Custom CAC Outfits (All-In-One)

Custom CaC Outfits, re-uploaded on this site~

Outfit List:


1) Momoiro Saiyan Armor (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Kid Gohan Demon Clothes)


2) Wingless Spike The Devilman Suit (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Original Outfit)


3) Kid Goten’s Gi (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Gohan High School Uniform)


4) Towa’s Oufit Actual Fix (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Original Outfit)


5) Pan’s clothes w/ #17’s Scarf (HUF/SYF)(Replaces Pan’s Clothes)


6) Momoiro Saiyan Armor (SSJ4) (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Time Patroller Clothes)


7) Kid Goten’s Gi (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Emperor Pilaf’s Clothes)


8) Custom Broly’s Pants (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Broly’s Pants)


9) Capsule Corp. Jacket (Jacket Only) (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Emperor Pilaf’s Clothes)


10) Capsule Corp. Jacket (Jacket Only) (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Pan’s Clothes)


11) Gogeta’s Vest (Vest Only) (HUF/SYF)(Replaces Gogeta’s Cloth)


12) Raditz Battle Armor (SSJ4) (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Battle Armor (Raditz))


13) Android 18’s Vest & Skirt Combo(Vest & Skirt Only) (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Android 18’s Clothes (Skirt) for vest, Emperor Pilafs Clothes for skirt)


14) Broly SSJ4 Bust (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Mr. Popo Clothes)


15) Trunks’ Tank Top (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Videl’s Clothes)


16) Gogeta’s Vest (Vest Only) (MAF) (Replaces Gogeta’s Vest)


17) Caped Battle Armor (FRI) (Replaces Great Saiyaman’s Clothes)


18) Arale-Chan’s Cap Type-Z (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Piccolo’s Turban)


19) Majin Combo Pack (Majin Buu Vest (Vest Only) + Super Buu Bracers) (MAF) (Replaces Majin Buu Clothes)


20) Yamcha’s Turtle Hermit Gi (No Innerwear) (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Yamcha’s Turtle Hermit Gi)


21) Goku GT Gi (No Innerwear) (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Goku GT’s Gi)


22) Time Patroller Battle Armor (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Time Patroller Clothes)


23) Karinga Gi (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Android 18’s Clothes (Vest & Pants))


24) Majin Buu’s Vest (Vest Only) (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Majin Buu’s Clothes)


25) Devil Super Saiyan 4 (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Bandages for Mummy Outfit)


26) Devil Super Saiyan 4 (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Bandages for Mummy Outfit)


27) Multi-Colored Tagoma’s Scouters (HUM/HUF/SYM/SYF) (Replaces New Model Scouters with their respective colors, and Tagoma’s Scouter with Black one)


28) Bulla’s Clothes (HUF/SYF) (Replaces King Kai’s Clothes)


29) Kiryu Kazuma’s Suit (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Commader Red’s Clothes)


30) Momoiro MK. II (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Android 19’s Clothes)


31) Saiyan Armor w/ Vest (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Tien’s Clothes)



Bonus Outfits!


1) Valkyrie Armor Bust & Pants (HUF/SYF) (Replaces Tienshin Han’s Clothes)



2) Banchou’s Gakuran Bust & Pants (HUM/SYM) (Replaces Android 19 Clothes)

TEEN GOTEN [Training Outfit]


USF4 Yuri’s alternative outfit for female CaC

I was ripping some Ultra Street Fighter 4 models when I came across this outfit!

I liked it a lot so I decided to create a Xenoverse mod, and here it is!


The outfit is fully colorable, but it isn’t splitted in bust and pants like the vanilla ones, this is because I didn’t manage to properly split it, the result would have been ugly!

The best thing to do to understand what I mean is to try it!!


I know that it isn’t prefect, but I can’t do much better for now!



Rate and comment!



I Found a way to remove completely the black outlines, but that requires a little effort by your side!


If you want to requests an hair mod or read the outline removing guide, this is my forum topic: The Wizard transformable hairs.