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Future Past Shirt and Hair Pack

Hey folks! answering a request to bring you this little pack! it contains the shirt shown above in multiple forms such as left sleeveless, right sleeveless and in h-graphics or normal graphics! The shirt is colourable as well as the hair! both the black and white part of the hair can be changed. The pants […]

Female Raditz hair with Custom SSJ

Hey folks! here is a remade version of the Raditz hairstyle for the female saiyans! turns out female hairstyles are a bit trickier than male for some reason but enjoy! An old mod I made and just thought i’d show it here.

Plot’s Hair Pack For HUF / SYF ( Replaces all hairs!)

READ! Hey everyone! Its me again :b and I’m returning with some goodies 🙂 This time I’m releasing my personal hair replacer mod, which replaces ALL hairs for both Human and Saiyan Females. Ofcourse All hairs are colourable, and compatible with all transformations (which i have tested myself) All hairs have been properly weighted and […]