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Female Raditz hair with Custom SSJ

Hey folks! here is a remade version of the Raditz hairstyle for the female saiyans! turns out female hairstyles are a bit trickier than male for some reason but enjoy! An old mod I made and just thought i’d show it here.

Raditz Moveset Tail Animation

I use the Raditz moveset for my character, so I figured I’d share the tail “fix” for anyone that may be interested.   NOTE: This ONLY contains the .ean for the animation and not the moveset file.

Bloody Sunday

This is my first try at a mod. Hope you like it.

Raditz SSJ (replaces only the 2th slot of Raditz)

Raditz is finally a Super Saiyan!

Majin Raditz

gives raditz the majin symbol, veins, eyeliner, and aura

Taken Raditz (Destiny Inspired)

*I DO NOT OWN NOR DO I CLAIM TO OWN THE RIGHTS TO DESTINY IN ANYWAY! I’M JUST A FAN WHO WANTED TO SEE RADITZ AS A TAKEN! ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS!* Well disclaimer out of the way, this mod basically makes Raditz appear as a Taken from the game “Destiny: The […]