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SUPER! SAIYAN!┬áRAINBOW! The true power of the gods has been realized! Forget having to choose between Gold, Red, or Blue! Now, you can be all that and more! This mod will grant you power beyond comprehension!* This spectacular mod (which should have been in the game, obviously) retextures regular Super Saiyan for CAC’s. It gives […]

Back with a fresh coat of paint… God Goku SUMMER REBIRTH PACK

IF YOU DOWNLOADED PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF THIS PACK, PLEASE REDOWNLOAD IT ASAP FOR A BETTER LOOKIN MOD     I’m back from my hella long hiatus. boy… It has been a while hasn’t it? And what better way to come back then remaking my mods! I re-did both of my ssjg texture hacks, which is […]

Red SSGSS Vegeta

SSGSS Vegeta with SSG Colors.

I recommend you switch the aura to that of SSG Goku