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Platinum Frieza

Recommended Aura: Ultimate Gohan’s White-Blue Aura

Mystic/Ultimate Goku

Mystic/Ultimate Goku

Red SSGSS Goku

SSGSS Goku with the colors from his SSG form.

I recommend you change the aura to the SSG aura that God Goku has.

Red SSGSS Vegeta

SSGSS Vegeta with SSG Colors.

I recommend you switch the aura to that of SSG Goku

True Super Saiyan Goku, Vegeta, and Gogeta

My own created transformation, the idea is based on my desire to re-make the concept of “ssj4” from GT.


Hakaishin Tournament SS Vegeta (Dragonball Super)

SSGSS Vegeta with regular SSJ Colors.
I recommend you change the aura to SSJ2/3 aura, but it still looks awesome with the SSGSS aura.