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Ascended Saiyan Transforming CAC Armour

Hey folks! its been a long wait but finally! the ascended saiyan transformation is here! well I guess in my videos case I made it ASCENDED ROSE but… yeah you get the idea! This will replace the Pilot Suit. After re-modelling the super form myself over an annoying long process… I was able to make […]


This is another mod for DBS what happens when Black Goku SSR and Goku SSB fuse the fusion will be ultimate even God of destruction will not be able to beat them check out hope you all like it and don’t forget to like, comment & subscribe for more… Thanks to Antonio Salvatore for Black […]

Super Saiyan Rose CAC Transformation Pack

Hey folks! I’ve refused to give this transformation any respect until the latest episode of DragonBall Super and after seeing that I spent time preparing this mod! This pack contains multiple mods: (H-Graphics & Normal Graphics) 1. A hair texture for my previous transformation hair mods as well as the two-tone, bandanna Hairstyle and ponytail […]