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Hope ya’ll enjoy the dankness of GT GOKU transforming into SUPA SAIYAJIN POTTO. Thanks to Bandroid for making X-Shader, which this mod is based on!

Black line removal on all Saiyan/Human outfits, faces and default hair

Hey boys, I made this a little while ago and then I saw my dude B1ACK WOLF upload the line removal for the face so I decided to help him out a little and upload this for all outfits (for the male saiyan and male humans)

Facial Black Line Removal

Two words that would completely ruin the look of your CaC, black lines. You know ’em, you hate ’em. Allow me to alleviate your head partially with this very simple mod that removes the black lines from the face completely. I may make a mod that also covers all the costumes in game. But we’ll […]

SSJ Animation BRING IT!

Hey folks! had a little idea last night of a new transformation and I got this idea! so after preparing last night before bed I took animations from Nappa’s Ultimate and it looked pretty good. Download Link – http://www.mediafire.com/download/d0pgazi5g6hpr62/Tryzick_-_SSJ_Bring_it%21.zip The Hair and Armor are not for release, they are prototypes to a custom cac I […]

The ancient saiyan

Hi there, here’s another mod from me! This is the Saiyan that has fully mastered the oozaru! It’s like the ssj4 but in the normal form. It goes ssj-ssj2. It replaces Saiyuki costume. It should work with any eyetype you have, I’ve checked 5 of them (1,2,5,7,8). As alway if you have any suggestion let me know! […]


The one and only Original SSJ now turned into your favorite graphics mod, H-Graphics! (THIS MOD ONLY TURNS THE SAIYAN TO H-GRAPHICS, NOT THE OOZARU) If you don’t want to have a shitty result like i had, don’t turn SSJ, i tried to fix it but i just don’t know how, i guess you’re not […]

MKX Scorpion Clothes CAC (Human/Saiyan Males Only)

Hey Everyone! Another Mod for the CAC.  I made Scorpion outfit to work over the Custom Character Outfits.  Its the same one I released over Nova Shenron but you can Recolor it. For the Clothing, it replaces Ox Kings Clothing but the Hat Replaces Android 19 Hat. Enjoy!!

Ascended Saiyan Transforming CAC Armour

Hey folks! its been a long wait but finally! the ascended saiyan transformation is here! well I guess in my videos case I made it ASCENDED ROSE but… yeah you get the idea! This will replace the Pilot Suit. After re-modelling the super form myself over an annoying long process… I was able to make […]

Super Saiyan Rose CAC Transformation Pack

Hey folks! I’ve refused to give this transformation any respect until the latest episode of DragonBall Super and after seeing that I spent time preparing this mod! This pack contains multiple mods: (H-Graphics & Normal Graphics) 1. A hair texture for my previous transformation hair mods as well as the two-tone, bandanna Hairstyle and ponytail […]

No Nipples for Male Human and Saiyan CAC

I’ve always seen men in various anime and I noticed they don’t have nipples. Dragon Ball is the only anime I can think of that has nipples, but now that I think about it, wouldn’t a man that didn’t have nipples make him more manly? Cause that would mean he was never a female in the […]