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Kamehameha Black.

This move replaces Nappa’s Break Cannon! Break cannon doesn’t have charging animation so dont expect this skill to have one, i’ve also used the perfect kamehameha to make it fit to black and CaC can also use this skill. Known Bugs: The Beam sometimes is longer and keeps even after the skill animation. the beam […]

Tryzick’s Legendary Flash – Ultimate Skill

This mod replaces final flash and there is a current bug, nothing serious but at some points for a split second some textures on the blast disappear, i’m not sure how to fix it at this moment but when I do i’ll update it, other than that the mod works great for fights. I do […]

Ultimate Skill – Final Explosion

Hey folks! answering a request for Goketer! I have took an attempt at making my first skill with the game assets I had and this i merely a prototype that I thought worked quite well, themed after the Final Explosion or also known as, Final Atonement! this final explosion is the perfect way to have […]

Black’s Sphere

This is another skill based on the las chapter f db super with the battle agains Black you can use this skill as Ultimate or special could replace vainish ball or ultimate spirit ball hope you enjoy

Super Black Kameha

Ey guys this is my seocnd version of the Black skill, just to have as a ultimate, it replace super kameha, hope you enjoy

Black Kamehameha

just a retexture of kameha x10 to look like Black’s skill hope you like XD

Vegeta Transform to SSGSS

I know there is another mod of the same type on this site but I wanted to share my version.

Vegeta’s Villan form is replaced with SSGSS Vegeta (no need to transform).

If there are errors, read if they are in Errors.txt, if not then comment below about it:

Skill Tool

This is a simple tool to change the skills of the main characters.

just select a character then a costume and hit load.

change the skills how you like and save it.

you cant use pre-modified custom_skill.cus files.

you have to use the one provided in the download to make sure everythings

working fine.

it may take some time to save for characters with many costumes (especialy goku)

Report any bugs in  this thread (bugs posted in the comments will be ignored):