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Dragon Ball Fusions Golden Goku

This is what happens when you fuse SSJ Goku with SSJ4 Goku. Not too different but I personally like the way it looks.

SSJ4 Goku (Z) Retexture Pack

Includes retextures of my SSJ4 Goku (Z) Mod. Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Super Saiyan Blue 4 Super Saiyan 4 Gold (You don’t need to download my other SSJ4 Goku (Z) mod for this to work, the folders include all the files you need)

Base SSJ4 (CaC)

I wasn’t going to release this originally, but I decided to anyways since I know how much you guys love SSJ4. This mod let’s you already be in SSJ4, complete with the clothing already glowing. I added 4 transformations and one where you simply power up. Transformations: Super Saiyan 4 God Super Saiyan 4 Blue […]

Legendary Super Sayin 4 Goku (Time Breaker) With Bandroid17’s shaders

Idk, Just a mod.

Pilot Suit to SSJ4

This was a request made by Rayto, unfortunately I was unable to keep the sleeves as they majorly interefered with being able to  color the bust. But I personally think it looks better this way!

SSJ4 Goku Transformable Clothing (CaC)

All of Goku’s Turtle Hermit clothing transforming to SSJ4. I was actually going to include the transforming wristbands but I was having an issue with the hand so I just decided to not implement it. If you want the transforming wristbands just ask. As a bonus I also added my Improved version of the SSJ4 […]

SSJ4 Goku (Z) with retexture

Recoloring the pants to orange would have been meh, so I edited the model’s textures in Paint.net so it can look better.

All Hairstyles to SSJ4(In progress)

All of my SSJ4 transforming hairstyles(so far) with the addition of my transforming SSJ4 fusion vest. All in one convenient pack. Hairstyle 1: Done Hairstyle 2: Not started Hairstyle 3: Not started Hairstyle 4: Not started Hairstyle 5: Done Hairstyle 6: Not started Hairstyle 7: Done Hairstyle 8: Not started Hairstyle 9: Not started Hairstyle […]

Alternate SSJ4 Gogeta (H-Graphics)

This mod was inspired by the deviant art user hsvhrt. I was working on this sometime ago, but I put it down and forgot about it. Now it’s finished, and I am thoroughly happy with it. It comes in normal and h-graphics. So choose which ever you want. Link to the artist

LSSJ4 GOKU (Taking requests)

Lssj4 Goku is the idea that if Goku (SSJ4) took the power of Broly and went into a new form called Legendary Super Sayin 4! This has a custom moveset and aura. It is my first mod and I will take requests.