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Base SSJ4 (CaC)

I wasn’t going to release this originally, but I decided to anyways since I know how much you guys love SSJ4. This mod let’s you already be in SSJ4, complete with the clothing already glowing. I added 4 transformations and one where you simply power up. Transformations: Super Saiyan 4 God Super Saiyan 4 Blue […]


This is another mod from upcoming DBS series Black Goku new new transforms skills and more hope you all like it and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe for more stuff…

Arkano’s Vegito (H-Graphics)

Name says it all!!! Thank you Arkno!!! Credit to Heirtalent for Color & Shading (http://animegamemods.freeforums.net/thread/16/heirtalents-thread-vegito-ssj4-released)

Komodo’s Future Trunks (H-Graphics) [ALOT of Options]

H-Graphics For Komodo’s Amazing mod!!! Thank you Komodo!!!! Credit to Heirtalent for Color & Shading (http://animegamemods.freeforums.net/thread/16/heirtalents-thread-vegito-ssj4-released)

UTtank’s Gogeta RE-Colored/Shaded (H-Graphics) [Base-SSJ1-3] & [SSJG-SSJB1-3]

UTtank’s Gogeta RE-Colored/Shaded (H-Graphics) [Base-SSJ1-3] & [SSJG-SSJB1-3] Get His Mod Here [http://xenoversemods.com/mods/update-link-my-last-mod-ever-gogeta-tranformation-pack-replace-bardock/] Two options: BDK ( Gogeta Base-SSJ1-3) BDK ( Gogeta SSJG-SSJB1-3) Creidit to Heirtalent for Coloring & Shading. Find his mods Here [https://gumroad.com/heirtalent#]

Goku Base To SSJ-SSJB(1-3) & Vegeta Base to SSJ-SSJB With (H-Graphics)

Re-Colored/Shaded with transformations and base, Goku & Vegeta FNF with H-Graphics (Base, SSJ(1-3 for Goku), SSJB(1-3 for Goku) Goku GGK SSJ SSJ3 hair: Skill = Transformation Super Sayian = SSJ Super Sayian 2 = SSJ2 Super Sayian 3 = SSJ3 GGK SSJB SSJB3 hair Skill = Transformation Super Sayian = SSJB Super Sayian 2 = […]