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Tropical stage Mod

I wanted a stage like this for a while and I decided to make it. It replaces the Planet Namek stage. I can’t take out the ships or the houses, nor can I make them invisible.   A look around the stage video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GNLWqvsfVI    

Future Stage Destroyed

Just some different look for west city destroyed like db super, future trunks saga, hope you like it replace west city suburbs

Goku SSB classic style

This is y versión of gu ssb as you request replacing GK4 and Included a new version of sky map ike potofu planet in dbsuper hope you enjoy XD   You can take a look in the video 😀  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVxnyOCS7Jg&feature=youtu.be

Black Goku first version

Eyguys this is my first verion of black goku shaded, and I included a retexturized versión of destoyed west city map  like the promo hope you enjoy this mod replacegoku ssj god and west city suburbs   You can take a look in this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBpy-n0oObc&feature=youtu.be

Hell Stage Mod

My Third Stage mod ! This time trying to replicate Hell as seen during the Gogeta VS Janemba fight. Next mods I’ll release will be custom parallel quests.

Hit Map

Just triying to have the time mao from Hit hope you like This mod replace sky map

Kami’s Lookout (Ruined) Stage Mod

My second stage mod for Xenoverse, a little more simple this time. Only a few changes : -Broken Floors and Walls -Dead Trees -Dark Sky Not much but it brings fresh air to me. Just like last time, Msg & Ui files are included, only use them if you also use my other mod as […]

Universal World Tournament Stage Mod

Retexture for the world tourmament stage made to replicate the stage seen in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super. UI & MSG files included aswell for menus to show the new stage textures and name in the menus. Gameplay Video :