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SSJ & Super Vegeta transformation MOD

Animations for Super Saiyan & Super Vegeta Animaciones para Super Saiyajin y Super Vegeta Link video:

Another animations for Super Saiyan and Super Vegeta

Ey guys, just was playing with animation of ultimate skills to use it with the ssj transformation, so u can check it and use it if you like it 🙂 Super saiyan tranformation: xenoverse 2 style Super vegeta transformation: eis shenron style you can check it in the video

(SSJ 1-2-3-UP) (SV 1-2) (VM (SSJ 1-2)) Transformations (Animation And Camera Swaps Now With 360 Degree Free-Camera For All)

Hello, This is my first mod or tweak that changes the Camera Positions & Angles and the Animations for the (SSJ 1-2-3-Unlocked Potential) (Super Vegeta 1-2) (Villainous Mode & (SSJ 1-2) No Camera Tho) Transformations. There are 3 folders 001_GOK_SS1(Super Saiyan 1-2-3-Unlocked Potenial), 160_VGT_VS1 (Super Vegeta 1-2) & 530_DMG_EVL (Villainous Mode (SSJ 1-2)) in them […]