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SSJ Animation BRING IT!

Hey folks! had a little idea last night of a new transformation and I got this idea! so after preparing last night before bed I took animations from Nappa’s Ultimate and it looked pretty good. Download Link – http://www.mediafire.com/download/d0pgazi5g6hpr62/Tryzick_-_SSJ_Bring_it%21.zip The Hair and Armor are not for release, they are prototypes to a custom cac I […]

LSSJ4 GOKU (Taking requests)

Lssj4 Goku is the idea that if Goku (SSJ4) took the power of Broly and went into a new form called Legendary Super Sayin 4! This has a custom moveset and aura. It is my first mod and I will take requests.

Super Saiyan Rose CAC Transformation Pack

Hey folks! I’ve refused to give this transformation any respect until the latest episode of DragonBall Super and after seeing that I spent time preparing this mod! This pack contains multiple mods: (H-Graphics & Normal Graphics) 1. A hair texture for my previous transformation hair mods as well as the two-tone, bandanna Hairstyle and ponytail […]

Xenoverse To Xenoverse 2 – ReShade Preset | Revion Srg

NEW VERSION IN PROGRESS This preset will mimic the graphics of Xenoverse 2. It increases the saturation of the colours, adds a light bloom and increases the contrast slightly. Keep in mind it can’t bee 100% accurate, since Xenoverse 2 has lighting rays, some sort of model glow and much more. V1: Normal Version V2: Cinematic […]

DBO Inspired Ponytail Hair

Hey folks! bringing you another transforming hair mod this time with two SSJ versions! This is a heavily modified version of Loris Cangini’s long trunks hairstyles so if you want Trunks hairstyles then check them out here! Long Hair Trunks Pack by Loris Cangini – http://xenoversemods.com/mods/trunks-long-hair-for-male-cac-with-ssj/

Goku Super Kaio-Ken

download is in the description of the vedio link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlFqC7G0T_8

Vegito DB Super (DeviantArt)

This version I found it in deviantart and I found interesting for a mod, this includes SSGSS, if you want the costume for your character, you can find it on my blog 🙂 I am very happy because every day at least one person subscribe to my channel, this is a motivation for me which […]

Kayl’s Custom Transforming Hair Style

Hey folks! answering a request for another hairstyle, requested by Kayl himself for a transforming version of his hairstyle which I started from scratch! This hairstyle is compatible with the majority of my previous mods so you can easily take a texture from there and place it on this hairstyle!

Sasuke SSJ3 Hair

Hey folks! a style I had no planned on releasing but other projects have captured my interest and I thought i’d share again! I will not be releasing the custom ssj version as that is with other styles but ssj3 is free to go! Install instructions are in the read me file. For the new […]

Time Breaker Venom For FRI and HUM

This is a costume made to look like venom/symbiote ooze got on Mira,therefore creating this time Breaker Venom concept.If you want me to do more concepts like this just tell me a specific armor and I will Venomify it.I will soon release a version for Namekian race since I feel they are underated and they […]