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Kid Trunks with tail v2

its kid trunks with tail credits> modder MATLIKEPLAY for gohan ambasalon pants.

Kid Trunks With Tail

Kid trunks with tail  

GOTEN [with tail]

Just put in GTG This mod its Goten with a saiyan tail credits> Komodo’s Modder for the kid goku pants.  

[alpha test] Female tail

This mod add a tail to the female uniform. To make the tail animated in the battle and selection screen use this mod, for the lobby use this one. The tail may require a little resizing to make it more feminine, I’m working on it! Meanwhile enjoy! Thanks to olganix tools!

SYM-SYF moveset with tail

Hi there; This mod add tail movements to the normal saiyan moveset (both male and female). From now on there’s no need to swap your movement’s with other saiyan (unless you want it XD). This mod only contains the .ean files and works in selection screens and battle, for the lobby check this mod made by me. […]

[alpha test] SYM-SYF HUM-HUF lobby tail animation

Hi there; this mod makes the saiyan (or human if you want) tail animated in the lobby for both male and female without change their original idle animations. With this mod character’s feet don’t’t go through the floor but there are other bugs (listed below) that don’t bother me. If anyone has the time and […]

*REQUEST* Roshi Aloha Pants With Tail ( SSGSS and SSJ transformable)

Requested mod. Sorry I took so long, was gonna release it in a pack but I’m stuck on a few so I thought id release this one cause it has been a request for a while. Sorry for the wait

*REQUEST* Nappa Battlesuit and Training Suits with tails

Nappa Battesuit and Training Suit with tail, both have SSJ and SSGSS transformations as per request. Use a move-set that has a tail animation for them to work properly. Enjoy

GT Goku Clothes/ whis symbol with tail Colorable Updated with ssj4 transformable bust

Same mod as before, adds a tail gap for the Goku GT Gi to look more natural an the tail doesn’t clip through the clothes and the tail transforms color to ssj ssgss and ss4 , just updated with ssj4 transformation, and aligned every texture perfectly, lost of time went into this…like lots, so I hope […]

Animated Saiyan Tail Accessory for HUM and SYM

Something I’ve wanted myself for a long time, and resources eventually lined up so that I was able to do it myself! Now you can have an animated tail on your Saiyan character, with no special moveset required, paired with any outfit you like! Also, thanks to Deaky’s animation mods, NO SINKING IN THE LOBBY! […]