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SSG Gotenks to SSB3! (100 DL special)

I made this mod because on my first mod I got 100 downloads in a day. I would like to thank everyone who downloaded it and supported me with LSSJ4 goku!

No Nipples for Male Human and Saiyan CAC

I’ve always seen men in various anime and I noticed they don’t have nipples. Dragon Ball is the only anime I can think of that has nipples, but now that I think about it, wouldn’t a man that didn’t have nipples make him more manly? Cause that would mean he was never a female in the […]

‘Simplistic Retextures’ for Male Human & Saiyan CAC

~ More retextures may come in future versions!! ~ Please note that the colors of the clothing will not change! I’m using a color mod that allows me to color any form of clothing. The color mod is not required for this mod, but it is compatible! A link to the mod: Colorable Clothing (Male CAC only!) […]

Super Doper Super Saiyan By Young Jee

This Mod Replaces the greasy orangy hair of super saiyan with the original yellow colours making it look like it did in the anime. It has a sweet new glow that I worked really hard to create. *This Mod works well with the Yusion Mc Classic Reshade but its your choice. *This mod has no […]