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Martial Artist Transforming Hair

Hey folks! had a short break due to real life but I am back and lets kick off this last month of Xenoverse mods with a custom hairstyle! With Xenoverse 2 just a few weeks away we are all no doubt excited, I will be shifting my focus to that game for playing and then […]

Karoly CaC Transforming Hairstyle

A rendering error made the video freeze for about 15 seconds right after the intro… i’m too tired to fix it so… skip to 14 seconds after that for the video 😀 This mod contains a hairstyle in both normal graphics and H-Graphic form, do not try any of my other textures on this hairstyle […]

DBO Long Female Hair

Hey folks! a request by Shadongo! female long hair from the game DBO remade into Xenoverse for all you who like your saiyan women with long luscious hair, you’re worth it 😉 Big thank you to Shadongo for his support! This hair is compatible with my SSJ White and SSB h-graphics textures, just match the […]

Future Past Shirt and Hair Pack

Hey folks! answering a request to bring you this little pack! it contains the shirt shown above in multiple forms such as left sleeveless, right sleeveless and in h-graphics or normal graphics! The shirt is colourable as well as the hair! both the black and white part of the hair can be changed. The pants […]

Kayl’s Custom Transforming Hair Style

Hey folks! answering a request for another hairstyle, requested by Kayl himself for a transforming version of his hairstyle which I started from scratch! This hairstyle is compatible with the majority of my previous mods so you can easily take a texture from there and place it on this hairstyle!

Sasuke SSJ3 Hair

Hey folks! a style I had no planned on releasing but other projects have captured my interest and I thought i’d share again! I will not be releasing the custom ssj version as that is with other styles but ssj3 is free to go! Install instructions are in the read me file. For the new […]

Kid Black Goku/Fukkatsu No F Goku with GT SSGSS3

I originally planned to do black goku but then I then decided I could “Go further beyond!”

Goku Super Sayian God to Super Sayian Blue Transform over SSGSS Goku

Thanks for checking out my mod just extract and pack your data2 and datap3 requires ssgss goku to play.

Platinum Frieza

Recommended Aura: Ultimate Gohan’s White-Blue Aura