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Long Savage Hair

Hey folks! the WINNER of the the vote from the last video was calculated and the Long Savage Hair has been released! enjoy one of my favorite hairstyles of this game and I hope to release the savage outfit within the next few weeks! Download – http://www.mediafire.com/file/o04r9p7… SSJ Animation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I1v6… SSJ Rose – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-53V… […]

SSJ Animation Unleash!

Hey folks! another animation I thought would look good to go with this new outfit! It has a sort of savage unleashing look to it so I really enjoy using it now! The Hair not for release. The outfit I am wearing is actually from the Original Saiyan mod by Black Swagetsu, I made it […]

Female Majin Race Transformation Mod (Kid Buu Form)!!

This Mod is Made By HunYan! Please credit me if you want to use it in your videos. This mod gives the Female Majin Race a kid buu transformation. You need to pick no Hands for it to work ( — ) Use Super Saiyan or Super Vegeta skill for the transformation. How? Just add […]

Super Saiyan Rose CAC Transformation Pack

Hey folks! I’ve refused to give this transformation any respect until the latest episode of DragonBall Super and after seeing that I spent time preparing this mod! This pack contains multiple mods: (H-Graphics & Normal Graphics) 1. A hair texture for my previous transformation hair mods as well as the two-tone, bandanna Hairstyle and ponytail […]

Exploding Super Saiyan (SS Transformation With Spirit Explosion Animation)

My First Mod! I Will Do Requests So Go On, For Now I Will Change Eans And Swap Animations And Skills, Also Change Names And Properties -Nishi

Gogeta SSGODSS to SSGODSS4 Hair Transformation for CAC

NEED HELP TO REMOVE YELLOW GLOW SOMEONE??!!!!   This Mod is Fully Fledged Made by Me. I Thank Yumesh32(not on this site) for helping me cut vegito hairstyle puff to make it gogeta’s Hairstyle and I seriously thank my friend jgan for helping me out with ssblue4 transformation. The Hair Style is Colourable and You can […]

Kayl’s Custom Transforming Hair Style

Hey folks! answering a request for another hairstyle, requested by Kayl himself for a transforming version of his hairstyle which I started from scratch! This hairstyle is compatible with the majority of my previous mods so you can easily take a texture from there and place it on this hairstyle!

Another animations for Super Saiyan and Super Vegeta

Ey guys, just was playing with animation of ultimate skills to use it with the ssj transformation, so u can check it and use it if you like it 🙂 Super saiyan tranformation: xenoverse 2 style Super vegeta transformation: eis shenron style you can check it in the video

Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan for Cac! Version 2.0: H-Graphics!

A remake of my old mod, now with H-Graphics. Also works with Bald head and beard face now ?


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