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All Hairstyles to SSJ3 (In progress)

Finally gathered together all my SSJ3 hairs, I added hairstyle 2 to the mix, so now there are 5 transforming hairs. Hairstyle 1: Done Hairstyle 2: Done Hairstyle 3: Not Finished Hairstyle 4: Not Finished Hairstyle 5: Done Hairstyle 6: Not Finished Hairstyle 7: Not Finished Hairstyle 8: Not Finished Hairstyle 9: Not Finished Hairstyle […]

Hairstyle 7 to SSJ5

This was a request, so I most likely won’t make many if not any others.

All Hairstyles to SSJ4(In progress)

All of my SSJ4 transforming hairstyles(so far) with the addition of my transforming SSJ4 fusion vest. All in one convenient pack. Hairstyle 1: Done Hairstyle 2: Not started Hairstyle 3: Not started Hairstyle 4: Not started Hairstyle 5: Done Hairstyle 6: Not started Hairstyle 7: Done Hairstyle 8: Not started Hairstyle 9: Not started Hairstyle […]

Hairstyle 11 to SSJ3

I can’t believe 3 people asked me to make this despite the obvious trend of me making SSJ3 hairstyles. Anyway, here it is.

Hairstyle 5 to SSJ3

I was originally working on another hairstlye but that got screwed up and I decided to make this instead of taking a shower. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to hop in the shower.

Hairstyle 1 to SSJ3

This wasn’t to hard to make, I just had to be careful on how I blended the model. Trying a new type of thumbnail, let me know what you think.

CaC Hairstlye (Future Gohan SSJ-SSJ2)

I actually finished this a while ago but forgot to release this hairstyle. Shoutout to KaiKishiyama for letting me use his awesome Future Gohan hairstlye. I went into the file for the hair and actually had to remove some of the spikes in the hair. I had to remove on of the bangs and make […]

SSJ Transforming Hairstyles (In Progress/Need Input)

So far there are only three of the default hairstyles that can go SSJ. Hairstyle 1: Transforms to Vegetto Hairsyle 5: Transforms to SSJ2 Teen Gohan Hairstyle 7: Transforms to SSJ Goku Option 2: Transforms to SSJ T. Gohan Hairstyle 8: Transforms to SSJ4 Gogeta Option 2: Vegito to SSJ4 Gogeta I can’t think of […]