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Ace Hair Pack

Hey folks! has been a busy week for me and now I am ill but enough about that! lets get straight to what you all want to see! This mod is the hairstyle of Ace from One Piece put in to Xenoverse, I used base from models provided by http://www.models-resource.com/ and then edited it to […]

Tryzick’s Custom Long Hair Male CaC

Hey folks! we’re almost at 1000 subscribers! its a great milestone for this channel and thank you all for helping me get there! I had not planned to release this mod but with my latest personal mod it feels only right to share with the community what they have help motivated me to create! enjoy! […]

Super Saiyan Rose CAC Transformation Pack

Hey folks! I’ve refused to give this transformation any respect until the latest episode of DragonBall Super and after seeing that I spent time preparing this mod! This pack contains multiple mods: (H-Graphics & Normal Graphics) 1. A hair texture for my previous transformation hair mods as well as the two-tone, bandanna Hairstyle and ponytail […]

Karoly CaC Transforming Hairstyle

A rendering error made the video freeze for about 15 seconds right after the intro… i’m too tired to fix it so… skip to 14 seconds after that for the video 😀 This mod contains a hairstyle in both normal graphics and H-Graphic form, do not try any of my other textures on this hairstyle […]

DBO Inspired Ponytail Hair

Hey folks! bringing you another transforming hair mod this time with two SSJ versions! This is a heavily modified version of Loris Cangini’s long trunks hairstyles so if you want Trunks hairstyles then check them out here! Long Hair Trunks Pack by Loris Cangini – http://xenoversemods.com/mods/trunks-long-hair-for-male-cac-with-ssj/

Female Raditz hair with Custom SSJ

Hey folks! here is a remade version of the Raditz hairstyle for the female saiyans! turns out female hairstyles are a bit trickier than male for some reason but enjoy! An old mod I made and just thought i’d show it here.