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Long Savage Hair

Hey folks! the WINNER of the the vote from the last video was calculated and the Long Savage Hair has been released! enjoy one of my favorite hairstyles of this game and I hope to release the savage outfit within the next few weeks! Download – http://www.mediafire.com/file/o04r9p7… SSJ Animation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I1v6… SSJ Rose – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-53V… […]

Martial Artist Transforming Hair

Hey folks! had a short break due to real life but I am back and lets kick off this last month of Xenoverse mods with a custom hairstyle! With Xenoverse 2 just a few weeks away we are all no doubt excited, I will be shifting my focus to that game for playing and then […]

SSJ Animation Unleash!

Hey folks! another animation I thought would look good to go with this new outfit! It has a sort of savage unleashing look to it so I really enjoy using it now! The Hair not for release. The outfit I am wearing is actually from the Original Saiyan mod by Black Swagetsu, I made it […]

SSJ Animation BRING IT!

Hey folks! had a little idea last night of a new transformation and I got this idea! so after preparing last night before bed I took animations from Nappa’s Ultimate and it looked pretty good. Download Link – http://www.mediafire.com/download/d0pgazi5g6hpr62/Tryzick_-_SSJ_Bring_it%21.zip The Hair and Armor are not for release, they are prototypes to a custom cac I […]

Ace Hair Pack

Hey folks! has been a busy week for me and now I am ill but enough about that! lets get straight to what you all want to see! This mod is the hairstyle of Ace from One Piece put in to Xenoverse, I used base from models provided by http://www.models-resource.com/ and then edited it to […]

Truhan Hair & Sleeveless Shirt Pack

Hey folks! its been a year since I really started uploading videos and what a year it has been for modding! 167 videos so far and finally was able to hit over 1000+ subs! a great milestone indeed! To celebrate this fact I got home from work and immediately began working on this mod and […]

Ascended Saiyan Transforming CAC Armour

Hey folks! its been a long wait but finally! the ascended saiyan transformation is here! well I guess in my videos case I made it ASCENDED ROSE but… yeah you get the idea! This will replace the Pilot Suit. After re-modelling the super form myself over an annoying long process… I was able to make […]

Tryzick’s Custom Long Hair Male CaC

Hey folks! we’re almost at 1000 subscribers! its a great milestone for this channel and thank you all for helping me get there! I had not planned to release this mod but with my latest personal mod it feels only right to share with the community what they have help motivated me to create! enjoy! […]

Round Neck Undersleeve Shirt Short Sleeves

Hey folks! a requested mod that I made, another undershirt mod, this time featuring the shirt that was under Krillin’s battle armor, it is fully colourable and comes in h-graphics as well as normal graphic form! It replaces Goku No symbol shirt but change the 503 to anything else to change what it replaces! Black […]

Tryzick Fusion Coat

Hey folks! bringing another clothing mod to you all! my undershirt once again but this time its under the fusion coat so enjoy looking like a fused bad ass! The outfit is fully colourable! Download – http://www.mediafire.com/download/hasfwwnv1wyh0pl/Tryzick_Fusion_Coat.zip I do not give permission for anyone to release or upload this mod anywhere. Music – Rising Force.