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Vegito Battle Damaged clothes

Vegito’s Battle damaged clothes basically.

Vegetto Jr.

This is how I picture Vegetto Jr. would look like. For the clothes combination I used the same logic for Vegetto’s clothes.  The bust and pants belong to Goku Jr. while the gloves and boots belong to Vegeta Jr. Like normal Vegetto the color of Goku Jr’s clothes are inverted. As such the outer gi […]


This is another mod on from DBS series as what i thought will be potara fusion between Goku and Armor Vegeta here it is hope you all like it don’t forget to like , comment and subscribe…

Vegetto w/ Armor

How I believe Vegetto would look if Vegeta with armor fused with Goku. There’s still small clipping issues I need to attend to. But I’m releasing this in a rush, as I’m leaving for the rest of the week. Enjoy!

Vegito DB Super (DeviantArt)

This version I found it in deviantart and I found interesting for a mod, this includes SSGSS, if you want the costume for your character, you can find it on my blog 🙂 I am very happy because every day at least one person subscribe to my channel, this is a motivation for me which […]

Super Saiyan Violet Vegito

This is my first mod I hope you enjoy the costom animation in the screen snip is not included


This is new mod from DBS series for Vegito new concept with new stuff hope you like it don’t forget to like,comment and subscribe..

Gogito “little uptade”

So this is Gogeta and Vegito fusion Enjoy Rate this mod and leave Feedback Subcribe to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG2WOSr5ZtX6hp4HdFpjWvg to be updated  

Super Saiyan 3 Vegito REBIRTH PACK

Hey peeps! I’m back with another rebirth mod! This time with vegito! This was actually the first mod that I posted on this site. And now, he’s lookin better than ever! He now has aura and a custom skill set… which… its just Spirit Sword replacing Super Saiyan, since there is really no point for it […]

Atrocious Vegito (H-Graphics)

Replaces Vegito. H-Graphics by HeirTalent!