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Sub-Zero & Scorpion

Hey Everyone! Bringing you another mod but this one is a bit different.  Sub Zero (over Eis Shenron) & Scorpion (over Nova Shenron) from Mortal Kombat. Its a replacement of the Dragons and looks very good. Enjoy this mod and look for more similar to this one!

Captain Falcon Clothing

Hey Everyone! I meant to release this some time ago but been busy but here you go. Enjoy

Spawn Costume Over Mummy Clothing

Hey Everyone! Here’s another custom outfit I made for the Human and Saiyan Races.  It can be recolored to your liking.  The face under the Mask clips a bit but still looks great. Things to Know This outfit will not fit with other outfits for the custom characters. If selecting another piece of a different […]

Mario Custom Costume over Gero Clothing

This is my very 1st Xenoverse import mod and I’m happy how it turned out. This is a custom outfit I made myself.  If you try to use any other outfit with this Mod it would looks really odd so I recommend just using the full outfit.  Also any pair of gloves will work over […]