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NEW PQ: Zamasu’s Zero Mortals Plan [DLC – unofficial]

UPDATED! FUTURE TRUNKS SAGA MINI PACK Now available in Spanish and English (choosing other languages will make the game crash) First of all, you will find two versions: Story Mode and Free CAC Mode Story Mode (Recommended): Some quests will choose characters according to the anime original story so you won’t be able to choose […]

Female Majin Race Transformation Mod (Kid Buu Form)!!

This Mod is Made By HunYan! Please credit me if you want to use it in your videos. This mod gives the Female Majin Race a kid buu transformation. You need to pick no Hands for it to work ( — ) Use Super Saiyan or Super Vegeta skill for the transformation. How? Just add […]

Xenoverse To Xenoverse 2 – ReShade Preset | Revion Srg

NEW VERSION IN PROGRESS This preset will mimic the graphics of Xenoverse 2. It increases the saturation of the colours, adds a light bloom and increases the contrast slightly. Keep in mind it can’t bee 100% accurate, since Xenoverse 2 has lighting rays, some sort of model glow and much more. V1: Normal Version V2: Cinematic […]

Super Saiyan 3 hair with physics for CAC

If you want use this mod you need to select hairstyle number 11 and majin buu cloths for  saiyan race Physics Hair. If you want on another costume then comment below but for now I will give you only demo version of ss3 animated hair of your demand for just now after my final version done […]


Another mod by me as requested here it is more mods are coming hope you like it don’t forget to like,subscribe and comment… VIDEO LINK -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNypeeIh0t8 Follow me on: Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011921477019 Skype – GAMERLIVE GAMING Z

H-Xenoverse (SweetFX Preset)

Hello This is my SweetFX Preset i have been working on to go with HeirTalent’s Coloring/Shading. BY TH WAY HeirTalent has Released this H-Graphics Mod For Free SOOO GO GET IT!!!!HERE(https://gumroad.com/heirtalent#) There are 2 Options, more may come. Mostly Sharpened image, made surfaces a bit more glossy, SMAA to help with AA, as well as […]

Kami’s Lookout (Ruined) Stage Mod

My second stage mod for Xenoverse, a little more simple this time. Only a few changes : -Broken Floors and Walls -Dead Trees -Dark Sky Not much but it brings fresh air to me. Just like last time, Msg & Ui files are included, only use them if you also use my other mod as […]

Goku Fusion Costume

Hello this is my first mod. I just thought  put the fusion costume to Goku. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to Weard for original costume. Video : https://youtu.be/4dD5nM7dhn4  

Time Patroller Goku

Goku with time patroller suit

Metal Goku


This is the first version of my Metal Goku mod. Now at first, if you somehow didn’t see the thumbnail and only saw the name of this mod, you probably might’ve thought this was gonna be something related to Meta-Cooler or Mecha Frieza. However this is NOT the case. A while back I started listening to the Official Soundtrack from my favorite video game, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and heard the Metal Battle track which takes me waaaaaay back. Then I thought: “ooooooh, what if one of the DBZ characters had a different universe (like DB Multiverse, for example) and this universe was mixed with DBZ and Smash Bros.?”. This is what inspired me to make this. It took forever for me to find the texture of the metal effect from Melee but the results were worth it, even though it’s not what I wanted. So anyway this would be Goku in his Metal form or Goku if he picked up a Metal Box. I really wanted him to turn out like Metal Mario.

If you were wondering about how Frieza looks, don’t worry he’s not apart of the mod. But I am working on a Shadow Frieza, based one of the Event Matches in Smash Bros. Melee where you have to fight a Dark Link (the whole body is black but i wanted to give Frieza those red eyes). So far, it looks really really great like how I wanted. Only problem is (you can see it in the 2nd pic), it still shows part of his body while I want it to be all black.


This is something all modders should do, instead of making us replace OUR custom skill set or making us use some damn Hex Editor just give us the skills to use. Take me for example because this is a much faster and easier process for everybody that wants the full effect of mods.

Step 1: If you haven’t already download Mastaklo’s Skill Tool Editor. (Side note: if you already have a pre-modified custom_skill.cus, meaning a file that’s already modified, pay attention to the next step.)

Step 2: Open up the Skill Editor and select which character you want to edit and which custome’s skills you want to edit. (Since Metal Goku is over SSG Goku and he only has 1 slot, we’re gonna select “Goku (Super Saiyan God)” for “Character” and “1” for “Custome”)

For “Super 1”, leave it to Super Dragon Fist.

For “Super 2”, change it to “Majin Kamehameha”

For “Super 3”, change it to “Darkness Mixer” (only for the aura, so you could leave it to “Maximum Charge” if you want)

For “Super 4”, change it to Evil Whirlwind.

For “Ultimate 1”, change it to Warp Kamehameha

For “Ultimate 2”, change it to Shocking Death Ball.

For “Evasion”, change it to Super Explosive Wave.

If you already have the Skill Tool with your own modified custom_skill.cus, just edit SSG Goku’s skills and you’ll be good to go.